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Assgrabbers of The World's Journal

Below are the 19 most recent journal entries.


  2005.06.22  21.25
In the end...

All butts are created equal. If you work your ass off it's still there. If you bust ass it still works. If you grab ass you might not even be grabbing ass. A piece of ass is usually the whole ass and sometimes once again might not really be the ass.

An asshole is not always what you shit out of.

Dancing cheek to cheek is great.. when naked.

This post brought to you by randomness.


  2002.05.04  19.29

My love my love.. she grabs my ass
how happy I am I shall roll in the grass


  2002.01.29  23.10

A chilly ass has no want but first to get warm.


  2001.12.15  04.03

All day long I sat and sang this song about grabbing.
All day long I sat and sang this song about grabbing.
All day long I sat and sang this song about grabbing.

Umm.. I was punched in the head I dunno what I'm saying.


  2001.12.10  03.50

wheeeee, im back. im also in full assgrabbing mode. So form a single file line and present all your asses to me.


  2001.12.04  09.18

I grabbed my own ass again.


  2001.11.20  08.29

I want my ass fondled.
Again and again.
I want to spank your ass.


  2001.11.16  22.34

and here I am wondering what's up!

Mood: blah

  2001.11.09  23.07

ok this is me trying again hehehe


  2001.11.08  16.54

I grabby grabby
and I have a piccy
This is my ass grabbin picture AHAAHHAAH


  2001.11.05  06.36

Sometimes i tend to drift off into my own little world. Things are happy there. Everyone grabs asses....especially mine! I need more visitors in Jon Land though. The doors are open to all... mmmmmmmmm.....assgrabbing.....


  2001.11.05  02.30

I wish you had stopped to ask my name
I wish you had taken me with you
instead you played this game
I wish you had grabbed my ass

But you're not to blame..

I imagined it all in my brain
Even myself refuses to take notice
of my invisible ass


  2001.11.04  02.10

I want to work out a lot and have a really HOT ass and then like.. walk down the street and have perfect strangers go.. "Mmm, that's some hot ass." But.. not dudes cuz well.. that's just scary.


  2001.11.01  19.52

Ok, i shall grab my own ass.....mmmmmm.....uh...no more writing...must do something...


  2001.11.01  19.49

My ass is very firm and grabbable. Why will no one grab it?


  2001.11.01  03.22

How many different kinds of butt are there?
Please name your butts.. BUT use your own names if you got it.. and a description. (Like.. don't copy some list)
I shall start it off:
No butt - something I've been accused of

More later.. mebbe I'll update this post or sumshit
I had to clarify with mariemontclair:

mariemontclair: name some...like how? what do u mean?
nullandvoid: like..
nullandvoid: name the different kinds of butts
nullandvoid: <-- no butt
mariemontclair: hah
nullandvoid: umm
mariemontclair: theyre all the same :P
nullandvoid: bubble butt
nullandvoid: lol
nullandvoid: :|
nullandvoid: We are butt specialists
mariemontclair: haha
nullandvoid: we have to have different names
mariemontclair: ohh o
mariemontclair: k


  2001.10.31  15.42

I just wanted to say:
When you find the right ass, grab onto it! Don't ever let go of that ass. It's something precious.. it's like life itself. Take it from me.. I know what I'm talking about. That ass is worth everything in the world. *sigh*
Have some ass today... and when you do.. tell me about it. I could use a smile.


  2001.10.31  02.08

AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU FUCKS! Now go vandalize something.


  2001.10.31  02.01

Do you like to grab ass? I know I do!